Graphic design. Who needs it? The answer is simple: every person and every enterprise in the world wanting to emerge in their field. Who provides it? The answer is also simple: me.

Selected projects


Computer graphic designer

An interesting graphic project can not only surprise, but also get an attention. Eye‐catching concepts of posters or ads are vividly remembered by customers. Due to that effect, the image of a brand can easily build and it will have an effect on the activity of our company. At the beginning, potential clients have to deal with our visual conceptions, such as: billboards, posters or flyers. Due to this fact, it is important to take care of the costumers’ first impression. Nevertheless, visual identification project is an essential matter not only for large firms, but also small businesses can gain a lot from interesting graphic design.

What can designer do?

Kraków, as a large metropolitan area is not only a place for many possibilities, but also for tight competition. That is why it is important to stand out from other companies.

The visual identification of a company is consisted of many different factors. Not only the proper colors, which will be the icon of our company, but also the logo. For the consistent visual image of company is also responsible the promotion materials such as: catalogues, folders, promotion flayers and gifts. Besides the physical design projects, it is also worth to take care for the esthetics and attraction of internet web sites. In today’s time, web sites are an essential medium of communication. Also different fairs are ideal for the use of suitable large‐format designs. In Krakow, there are multiple conferences and events happening every month, during which we can present our company. Graphics gives many possibilities of promotion, form which everyone gain.

How does the design look like?

Kraków, the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts – this is where my professional career of a designer started. After receiving my diploma, I perfected my talents working in many different advertising agencies, companies and cooperated with individual clients. Realization of an attractive design is not an easy job, thus asking a graphic designer would bring many benefits. An experienced person with knowledge can create an innovative project, which will fit company’s profile. This also allows to refresh the image of an existing firm – thanks to new image of visual identification made by a professional graphic designer.

I cordially invite you to have a look at my gallery of both multi-format projects and commercial art. I have worked for numerous clients in many different industries. When creating a visual showcase, I always aim at creating a cohesive, original, and memorable project, which reflects the company’s profile. In the past I have worked on commercial art projects of various advertising media, such as flyers, gadgets, or containers. Multi-format projects, on the other hand, include both external advertising, such as billboards or car adverts, and internal advertising, such as roll-ups or exhibition stand designs.

We invite you to contact us – I am willing to cooperate with companies, not only from Kraków.