What is naming?

Once we get around to creating our own company and decide on the specific kind of business activity, one issue needs to be tackled before even thinking of preparing a marketing strategy or visual identification. It’s our company’s name. The name of your company should obviously be catchy and have something to do with the kind of business activity you’re performing. It is, after all, the most important element of your brand’s image. This is why there is a whole separate division in the marketing industry devoted to coming up with appropriate names for companies, products and services. This is what we refer to as naming, which in itself is also an important element of the process of branding, i.e. the creation of the company’s image.

How to recognise a good naming scheme?

In the naming business it is quite difficult to come up with any universal tips that would be applicable to every situation, but it is worth to remember a couple of baseline rules. A good name should be easy to remember, unambiguous, unique, original, and good sounding. It should never be ambiguous, mundane or evoke any negative connotations. Unusual word games or positive connotations are always an asset. It would be very optimal for the name to have something to do with the company’s nature of business, to be easy to spell and evoke no unwanted connotations (such as is for example with the global lighting company, OSRAM).

The name of the company is an extremely important element and it requires plenty of attention and time. If you’re worried about being able to come up with an appropriate name, it may be a good idea to reach out to a professional company that would not only take care of the naming process for you, but also handle logo design and visual identification.

We should also not forget the technical aspects. It would be optimal to come up with a name that could also be used in a website url address (such as xyz.pl, where “xyz” is the company name). A good name should also be flexible enough to be able to extend with some additional components — which is often the case in family companies or law firms. A proper naming campaign will also include a catchy slogan to make the entire process as complete as possible.