What is website layout?

Nowadays it is hard to imagine doing business without being present on the Internet.
A considerable number of marketing managers are strongly convinced that, if ‘you’re not online, you don’t exist’. Even though this view is quite extreme, it is hard not to notice the fact that more and more people are searching for products and services on the Web. That is the reason why a corporate website turns to be a must. Yet, if we decide to design such a website we must take care of its functionality and a clear, attractive layout called an interface- in simple terms a website’s template.

Website layout- a part of site’s graphic construction.

A layout is a template which determines the site’s visual functioning. This term was primarily used in DTP- the technologies of paper design and typesetting. It contains the colour scheme, font type, decorative vectors, as well as content layout. The site’s layout can be made in different script languages, e.g. CSS or HTML. The layout changes don’t affect the site’s content, but a reflective one could make it easy in perception and encourage the visitor to spend more time to familiarise themselves with the presented content.

One popular tool used to modify the website layout can be represented by skins. They are collections of elements determining the visual layer, which must be installed and activated. If you have computer programming skills, you can modify and change the elements. It is worth to make a website responsive. This term means that the website will automatically adjust its look to the size of the device screen.

A well- designed layout should be clear, and in the case of a corporate website it must also be the component of visual identification, relate to the company’s logo and constitute a coherent part of the whole promotional material. An attractive, user- friendly layout proves to be a great marketing tool.