Why is a professional logo essential for brand image?

There are multiple reasons why having a professionally designed logo is beneficial.

Firstly, it is important to know that the lack of one practically prevents to achieve any success on markets bigger than local, e.g. limited to one small town. It is difficult for a client to identify a brand when he can not think of any visual associations with it.

Moreover, most of visual identification elements of a brand are based on a logo. It can be found on documents, interior decorations or means of transport. It also influences the brand’s colour scheme (i.e. interiors or clothing), typography in documents, shape of packaging and any promotional and advertising items. In other words – the logo of a company is not only an element of its image, but also has an incredible influence on other elements of visual identification.

Therefore, a logo should be characteristic, unique, clear and easy to remember. It is good when at least a small part of it corresponds to the company’s activity, so that the recipient will immediately form adequate positive associations in his mind.

If you take a broader look at the case of logos, especially those of global companies, you will see that it is rather simple. Sometimes they consist only of a single symbol or logotype, but they are always clear and memorable. The type of business or size of company do not play a role here. What matters is the effectiveness of reaching the mass audience. A logo is simply a display of the most important information of every brand. An information that tells about a company’s existence and what it has to offer.

Besides, it is important to remember about one interesting quality of a logo. It is an element that can reach farther than marketing and bring additional financial gain. It is not a secret that a good and well-known logo brings more positive reviews of a medium-quality product than an objectively better product, which is an unknown brand on the market. The presence of a small well-known symbol on the packaging automatically increases the value and prestige of a product.