Lately I was honoured to participate in a charity project #dladzieciakow (#forkids), whose goal was to collect money for Christmas presents for over 400 children in 21 orphanages all over Poland.

The man responsible for the project and handling its organisation is Karol Zielinski. He’s managing the website, the promotion and the cooperation with the orphanages. PayLane has kindly made their platform available to collect the money. Many other companies, as well as influencer, star-uppers, bloggers, and just regular Internet users are helping out with the promotion. Once we collect the target amount of money, Karol will buy all the presents and deliver them to the kids waiting for their Santa.

Who can help out?

Anyone! Yes, you too! 🙂

Every penny counts, every 10, 50, or 100 Zloty. Other than hard cash though, one can also help by sharing or tweeting about the project. This will spread the information to more people that could end up helping making these kids very happy, Every good word, every mention of the campaign, every photograph, every text or film counts.

Let’s do everything in our power to make this campaign as loud as possible, but most of all let’s try to collect the money and bring huge smiles to these children’s faces.

Can you help? Of course! I’m counting on you!