How to design a good poster?

A poster is a large- format print, in which graphics plays the main role. A poster tells people about various events, but its advertising effect is even more important than informational function. We could treat it as another marketing tool, but also as a form of applied arts.

A good poster should be a combination of a skillful craft and appealing visual aspects. Surely, there is no single fixed way to design a perfect placard, since it depends largely on the brand’s character, for which we are creating it. However, getting familiar with a few basic tips will definitely make the process easier.

A good poster- basic rules

First and foremost, a good poster should not contain too much information. As for the start, it must catch the viewer’s attention. In some situations making use of graphics only could be more suggestive, while in others a better result may be achieved by a small portion of text. For example, if we want to put an event on the map we can only add the venue, date, and Internet link.

The most important factor is the poster’s look. People like pretty objects, but they tend to appreciate ingenious ones. A tasteful poster which adorns- and not blemishes- street landscape will undoubtedly attract a random consumer: a passer-by, a public transport user, or a driver. Nonetheless, a creative poster will not only interest but also make its viewers search for more information on the Internet.

So, let us focus on a clear simple message which will attract the recipient’s attention and allow them to stop for a minute or two. A poster chaotic both in terms of visual and informative side will not serve its function, and, quite the opposite, can discourage, or even disgust the viewer.

To conclude, if it is so easy to design a good poster, why are there so few of them? It’s simple: even the best idea must be appropriately designed and presented to potential customers. The awareness of colour theory, proper language skills, the ability of lettering, graphics, and painting, knowledge of computer software and the latest trends in modern art- all these elements are crucial in the work of a graphic designer dealing with poster design.

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