How to design an exhibition stand?

Trade shows are a great opportunity to meet with business partners and clients. The preparation procedure for this important event must include, among others, designing an appealing stand- in this case, first impression seems to be the most important. A good stand must attract attention and present our offer in a clear and, at the same time, evocative way. Here are a few tips on how to make a stand designing task easier.

Preparing for a trade show

Before a trade show it is worth to find out what space and support area we will be offered by the organisers. This will allow us to manage the space and enlarge its functionality. We must also answer a few questions: what goals do we want to achieve through the stand? what is our target client? what business partners are we looking for? By doing so, we can design a stand which will be both effective and impressive. Still, we should remember about the visual identification of our brand and the coherence between the logo and promotional brochures which we intend to use at a trade show.

While designing a stand, filling it out with too many elements should be avoided, because excess has bad influence on functionality. We must also think over the most suitable form for presenting our business- if, for example, we wish to focus on the client, it is a wise idea to prepare comfortable conversational space. On the other hand, if we are planning to introduce a multimedia presentation, we must not forget about the proper technical background.

We can take some additional gadgets as well- starting with the simplest ones: pens, pencils, and ending with more creative ideas, such as paper notebooks, or linen bags with our logo. Asking the visitors to complete a questionnaire and giving prizes associated with our brand to those who decided to devote their time to us is another bright suggestion. As a consequence, we will gather the clients’ objective opinions and will be better remembered.