What is visual merchandising?

The main aim of marketing is to present a product in the best possible way and convince the client to buy it. Commercials in mass media of different sort, such as TV, press, radio, or the Internet constantly encourage us to make a purchase. However not everybody is aware of the fact that even by passing shop windows and shelves, we are still in the advertising zone. The rules of product display are governed by the so called visual merchandising. The right product presentation has a great power in determining purchasing decisions.

Visual merchandising in a brick and mortar/ on-line store

One of the ways to attract customers is to design an inviting shop window. It should stand out from the others and prompt the visit of people who did not make plans to do shopping in our store. The choice and setting of the components, applying promotional materials, graphics, and texts, together with light position are crucial in this case.

Of course, a shop window is the key constituent of visual merchandising- not only it presents the offer available, or attracts customers’ attention but most importantly, can serve as a multimedia installation itself. A precise game of light, colours, creative exposition of particular products, certain style (retro, industrial, classic, etc.)- all the mentioned aspects mixed together may produce a remarkable work of art.

Visual merchandising is also operating when a client is inside the shop. Then, it all comes down to the deliberate product placement in the shop map, taking care of goods arrangement on shelves, shortage supply, and attractive decorative and promotional items. A well- displayed product, lying in the right place will encourage the client to buy it even when they have come to the shop for other goods or services.

Interestingly enough, an attractive way of demonstration matters in case of on-line shops as well. Pleasant visuals, good photos, readable fonts, and graphics can make the client choose our offer among others and eagerly walk the way between ‘place item in cart’ and ‘pay’.