FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Why Me?

I have several years’ experience. I have worked in advertising agencies, media house and in corporations as a senior creative graphic designer. I have cooperated with printing houses both on domestic and foreign markets (e.g. China, Iran, Germany, India). I have very broad experience in creation of usable graphics, fair graphic preparation and fair projects and so I am used to large format graphics. What is more, I have a lot of experience in creating visual identity. I am not an adveritising agency, which is why the cost of project realisation is much lower, and the work result quality guarantee is the same. Moreover my painting and photography experience result in complete realisation of the project by me.

How to place an order?

There is a contact form on the homepage which you can use to reach me via e-mail. Additionally you can find my company phone number below.

Can I realize an atypical project except for the standard offer?

Of course! I am open to new challenges. Call me, write me – if it does not exceed my competences (which we will discuss), we will arrange a meeting to discuss the details.

How long does it take to realize a project?

The project’s deadline is determined individually for each client in agreement with me. It can always be shorter or longer should it require any corrections.

What is the price of realizing a project?

The prices are determined individually as well. The prices listed on the website are not „unalterable”. I make certain changes in pricing for different clients. Call me – negotiate.

Does the project implementation include all its parts, like printing?

I cooperate with known printing houses, so the project is completely realized by me from the start to the end, and the printing prices are slightly lower. You receive a ready „product” but if you prefer choosing a printing house, which you would like to print your project, I am open to this kind of suggestions.

Does the LOGO project include visual identity project as well?

Of course, if you wish. The logo project can be realised both as a separate project and, if you decide a complete realisation of visual identity – I will create it for you as well.

Can I suggest any solutions?

Of course. I am not an advertising agency. We stay in constant contact which makes me listen to and discuss any of your suggestions or comments.