Logo surrounds us from every side: clothing trademarks, food, phones etc. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, to the moment when we go to sleep, logo is a inseparable part of our lives. Anyone can create a logo project, however not everyone can create a suitable logo.

I create visual identity (arrange existing), graphic signs (logo, logotype) for individual clients, companies, bradmarks, products and websites. I prepare several proposals, showing different interpretations and styling – clear graphic setting. I create visulat identity books (logo – full and simplified versions) and key visual – it is not directly a part of the logo but in specific cicumstances it is an important addition to logo.

I create folders, newspaper advertisements, book layouts, catalogues, flyers, pamphlets, promotional materials, I make editorial layouts, assemble text, draw, illustrate – pictographs, signs, billboards, posters, charts, tabels, certificates, diplomas and other printed forms, I take photographs – postproduction, retouch and studio, shadeless pictures of products.

I have a few years of experience in developing many projects. I prepare a couple of concept versions to choose from. I improve the initial proposition after consulting them with my clients, then I prepare project visualisations, which allows assessment and comparison of projects. I work on ready punches and dimensions provided by client or printing house and I prepare it for printing. I cooperate also with many printing houses, supervising their work in project implementation.

I draw and create graphics for websites, mailings presentations and for online use. I create layout of homepages, subpages, name cards, I prepare their buttons, links, banner, additional graphic elements, photographs (I make studio shadeless product pictures if needed) etc.

For interested or at client’s demand – professional creation and running Facebook Fan Pages for companies and individual clients. Thanks to it your brandmark’s advertisement can quickly reach a big group of people, for that reason creating and running a company profile on Facebook is nowadays quite popular.


I am looking forward to cooperation with you