Painting and Drawing

Handmade paintings

Do not forget about fine accessories, which give a soul to your place. Because of these kind details, space at your houses becomes special and outstanding. One of the accessories, that you can decorate your place are paintings. Thanks to them, each room can gain unique style. Especially, handmade paintings are worth investment.

Handmade paintings are ideal decoration for every interior.

Depending on the style of each room, we can select many different kinds of paintings. For pastel like interior, intensive colors could be chosen to reinvigorate the space. Modern handmade paintings are a great accessory for minimalistic interiors – this way we can introduce an interesting diversity and do not overwhelm with excessive impressions.

It is important to remember, that handmade paintings as a decoration, are good not only for living rooms. Such accessories are also ideal addition for bedrooms, or even kitchens. Despite the common thinking, the place for paintings does not need to be functional – often it is the heart of the house, where the whole family spends time together. Paintings are a well‐known addition to every space, where they give a good taste to every arrangement. Apart from private apartments, they also look good as decoration for business areas.

I have got my education from Jan Matejko of Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, the faculty of Graphics and faculty of paintings, where I have graduated with an artist‐graphic design degree. I design original works, which are made with great precision and taken care with every detail. And this is the reason for making unique works. Handmade paintings are my specialty. I only choose the highest quality materials and make sure every client is satisfied with my work.

The gallery of my work can be found on my web site. Paintings are present in a arranged background to have a better look how they fit in any optional interior.