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Trade fair stand designer will help you to stand out from the crowd

Trade fairs are an ideal place for promotion of your own company. These kinds of events are places for business meetings during, which there is a unique opportunity to present your offer. During similar fair events, there is a high competition, and that is why adequate design of your fair stand is very important.

In order to make the most of the opportunity during the participation in business fairs, designing the best stand, a help from a professional can bring many benefits due to professional’s experience, knowledge and instinct during creating the right image. This person is the fair stand designer.

A professional fair trade stand indicates our commitment and taking care for the details. And this is why designing the appropriate image of our space around the fair stand, it is important to choose highest quality materials, such as large format prints.

Trade fair stand design

Due to experience and knowledge about trade fair stand look, designing one does not have to be difficult. The arrangement of this kind of stand has to be well thought through. Neat and esthetic look of a stand bring many new potential customers and as well as investors. It is worth to take care of the stylistic part of a stand, which should fit into the theme of the company – it is the complement of company’s image. Thanks to well‐designed construction of a stand, it is easier to stand out from the competition in the wide trade fair area.

Large format print

Fair trades are not the only place to use large format prints. This type of prints is one of the most popular ways of advertisement used by many companies. This type of promotion and advertisement can be used in many different places, as well as inside and outside ad.

Large format prints can be used for: banners, cars graphics, billboards, poster, roll‐ups and many, many more.

Due to appropriate technic, prints have high resistance to atmospheric conditions (e.g. Sun, rain). This technic can also be used for prints on different types of paper, Perspex or PCV. This technology gives us many possibilities, but the basic rule of large format printing is the quality of the content.

I encourage you for cooperation

During my 10 year history of running my own business, I have gained valuable experience and knowledge, which allows me to create and design adequate and innovative projects in the field of large format print and fair trade stand design. I encourage you to find out more about me, see through my portfolio and to start cooperating.