Graphic Design

Posters in Krakow


I offer a complex graphic design support to my clients. Apart from designing web sites and large format ads, I also offer services related to any graphic designs. Graphic designing includes a range of visual projects, which are a carrier for companies – my offer includes design of advertising gadgets, business card, folders and posters.

Why is it worth to cooperate?

I am a graphic artist. I graduated from Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. I have defended my master thesis at the poster workshop. Due to that fact, I am well prepared to undertake any creative and unusual requirements in the wide world of graphic design.

My studies at the Academy of Fine Arts were not only consisted of perfecting my handy skills, but mainly developing my imagination, sensitivity and aesthetic senses. After graduating, I did not end my education. For better relations and to meet clients’ requirements, I have also graduated from Jagiellonian University with a degree in Public Relations. Thanks to the studies, I have gained knowledge about firms’ imagine creation and I have realized that graphic design is the key. I have also managed to undertake a job as a creative graphics designer in a big computer company. I also have basic background and wide experience. At present, I am working with individual clients, but as well as small and large companies.


If you were wondering, where to find original and one of a kind posters in Krakow, you have found it. I design artistic posters and as well as utilitarian for advertisement of many company and services. Both forms of work are uniquely inspiring for me. I love to fulfill my own visions, but also put my clients’ ideas on paper. All my designs and works are inventive and maverick. I highly encourage you to find out by yourself.

Individual approach

Regardless of your interests in posters, which will be a decoration of your place, or your interest in marketing design, you are always welcome for a meeting. All the details can be discussed in Krakow. Along with you, I make a project first, and later with your consultation, I realize it. Each client has their own story to tell, and that is why an appropriate approach to the client is very important for further cooperation. Creating similar works and project for different clients is never an option in my workshop. Due to my interest in graphics, I follow the world’s trends in project design, graphics design, in order to be able to offer my services at the highest level.

I warmly welcome you for contacting me and to get to know my previous works. Due to well thought and excellent designed advertising gadgets for your company, you can be sure to stand out from the competition!