What is advertising illustration?

There is no singular definition of advertising illustration. It is best described as a two-dimensional graphic, contained on advertising items, such as flyers, banners, articles, catalogues, posters, etc. It is one of the most important elements of press advertising. Its role is to relatively quickly and effectively draw the client’s attention and to present the advertised product. Of course one should not limit the scope of advertising illustration to just newspapers and flyers – it is also a crucial element of advertising on the Internet.

It is worth remembering that advertising illustration has a very rich history. It constituted one of the most profound shopping stimuli back when the sheer idea of marketing was still brand new. The first product catalogues featured advertising illustrations as the best source of information on the looks or attributes of the given product and it is based on these illustrations that the customers would then make their shopping decisions. It mattered not whether the catalogue was for farming equipment, clothes, food, or any other material goods. Advertising illustrations not only encouraged one to shop, but, most importantly, were responsible for presentation.

Nowadays, it is not much different. Advertising illustrations not only catch the client’s attention, but also serve informational purposes. It is noticeable primarily in product advertisements – cars, food, clothes, devices, etc. Proper presentation of the product is in this case as important as drawing the attention of a potential client.