What is product visualisation?

Every producer is aware of the fact that in order to sell a product they must first present it to the client in the best possible light. There are, of course, different types of advertisements, varying in terms of range and impact. Still, an important role is played by image, both on-line and printed, as in newspapers, magazines, catalogues, or leaflets.
Producers often decide to place attractive product photos on screens and paper. There is, however, another way to introduce it, which allows for even greater possibilities. It is called product visualisation- a fair reflection of shape, size and colour, all without the call for a photo session. Instead a photographer there is a graphic designer, and professional computer software stands for a camera and a studio.

Product visualisation- a multitude of possibilities.

Product visualisation removes the barriers limiting photography. First, there is no need to engage a number of people and equipment, or searching for the most appropriate space for photo shootings. Product visualisation gives us the option of colour, texture, and size change, presenting the products from various angles and in different surroundings, without re-shooting.

It is also a perfect solution for customized products. Due to visualising an item that does not yet exist in reality, we are able to fully meet the client’s expectations. What is more, a professionally made product visualisation is photorealistic, which means that an inexperienced viewer will not probably differ between the work of a graphic designer and a photography.

In practice, it means that product visualisation is made use of in many business sectors. And even though such graphics can be most frequently found in commercials, more and more companies are beginning to benefit from the blessings flowing out from it. Real estate agents presenting flats, design engineers showing their works at trade fairs (e.g. building, real estate, automotive), toy producers, architects (interior and outdoor designers as well), urban planners, furniture manufacturers- all of these can profit from applying a professional product visualisation in their business.