FOR FREE – Royalty Free – etc.

We all like to get everything FOR FREE, but! Is everything actually free of charge? That is the question! This is another entry for the ones that enjoy useful links to bookmark.

I often look for photographs for my clients, for myself, etc. Very often I create graphics or vectors also by myself, but sometimes I do buy them, because I have no other choice, and it usually means a significant expense. We all know what it means to have to purchase graphics or vectors, and when we end up having to spend additional cash for an extended licence, the client may end up very grumpy. I collected some cool materials for you to check out.

A few words on Creative Commons: and a few on Royalty Free

Types of free licences: CC BY – we can use the photos, but we have to specify their creator; CCo – we can freely use the selected materials without having to acknowledge their creators

Free photograph banks
– here’s a list:

This is also a cool write-up on what we may and may not do: –> <– a few words from a blogger on legal matters for creative people –>

It’s also worth signing up to other websites, where, apart from the paid content, we also get access to weekly batches of free photos and vectors, etc.

depositphotos – – często używam; istockphoto –; shutterstock –

pexels –; freebies –