Referencje od Joanny Stovrag

References from Ms Joanna Stovrag- the author of the Balkans- themed books titled “Chwila na miłość” and „Jeszcze żyję… Historia prawdziwa” and a tourist guide “Chorwacja”

Emilia Wójcik- a graphic design artist of „ART-E Emilia Wójcik” designed banners used on a book promotional fanpage. She prepared a few sketches, all of which met my expectations. The designs perfectly fitted into the atmosphere of the presented book. Some of them were the ideas of Mrs. Wójcik, while in others she used the materials proposed by me. The fonts applied relate to the latest trends, which made the banner general look attractive. Mrs. Wójcik took photos of the objects used in the projects as well.

I consider the cooperation perfect and I recommend the service with pleasure. High quality products, punctuality, good rapport- these are the features of cooperating with Mrs. Emilia Wójcik.

I strongly recommend Emilia!

Joanna Stovrag